Nous avons réunis pour vous les meilleures marques de lingerie ! 

True or false

1. I have to wash my bras by hand. True or false ? TRUE Why? It is best to wash your bra by hand with a mild soap specially designed for lingerie. Ordinary detergents can damage the elastic. Machine washing and drying can destroy fibers and elasticity.

2. Can I wear the same bra for two days in a row? True or false? FALSE Why? You should not wear it two days in a row. It is important to let support rest at least every other day. The elastic needs to recover its shape. For the more you wear it repeatedly, the less it returns to its original form, the more it gets damaged and loses its ideal fit.

3. I must have at least 3 bras. True or false? TRUE Why? It is suggested to have at least three basic bras that alternate during the week. Ideally, one that is worn, one to wash and a ready to wear It is a good way to preserve the quality of life of your underwear.

4. The life of a bra is 2 years. True or false? FALSE Why? A bra has a limited life and needs to be replaced before it becomes a torture for your breasts. The average life is 9 to 12 months. After that date, the band relaxes and your breasts are no longer supported. So you should renew your bra stock at least once a year

5. I have to get adjusted at least once a year. True or false? TRUE Why? One in ten women is not wearing the right bra size. We must consult a professional regularly to ensure the correct size. Our body changes with age, pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives. These are all factors that can vary the size of the bra.

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