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Five signs that show time for bra change

1. The back floats In fact, the problems of maintenance are mainly due to the fact that the size of your bra does not suit you anymore. The back is crucial to determine your size. It is indeed this part of the bra that provides most of the support. If it is horizontal and fits the body perfectly, it is because you are wearing the right size. Your chest size decreased due to weight loss? Your bra is so old that the back has almost lost all elasticity? The back will fit less well and therefore will not provide enough support.

2. Your body has changed We have already mentioned it and this is one of the main reasons that a bra does not « go » anymore: the body of a woman – and therefore also her chest – changes about six times over a lifetime. Whatever the reason for this metamorphosis, loss or weight gain, pregnancy, sports activity, new medication or other, the ideal is to seek advice in a specialty store. Sometimes a simple change is enough for your usual bra no longer offers you the support, comfort or support you want.

3. The doubly plump chest syndrome When the bra fits perfectly, the breasts stay in place because the cup firmly and intimately marries the chest. If, when moving, you feel that your breasts are escaping from the cap or that the cup has a tendency to bayer, it is because the bra is too big. If on the contrary, the bra makes you a doubly plump chest, with the neckline that shears and breaks the fluidity of the curve, it is that you probably wear a size too small. Both the cup size and the chest size can be involved here.

4. You must continually adjust the strap or it falls constantly The strap participates in the lifting effect of the bra. As a general rule, just adjust the length once. If you have to constantly do it or the straps slip constantly from the shoulder, it is the choice of the bra that is involved. 5. The inner cup is no longer in close contact with the skin. The part between the two cups of the bra must fit tightly to the sternum. If this is not the case, the cups will not be able to wrap the chest properly. In other words, your bra will not offer enough support.

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